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View the PDF document Monitoring system for domestic and export fishery products from Samoa
Author(s): Mulipola, A.
Publisher: Fisheries Division. Ministry of Agriculture, Forests, Fisheries & Meteorology
Place: Apia (Samoa)
Date: 1998
ASFA Keywords: Fishery products, Monitoring
Country Collection: Samoa

View the PDF document Second monitoring survey of Rarotonga Ra'ui
Author(s): Raumea, K., Turua, T., Makikiriti, N., Rongo, T., Roi, N., Ponia, B.
Publisher: Ministry of Marine Resources, Government of Cook Islands
Place: Rarotonga (Cook Islands)
Date: 2000
ASFA Keywords: Marine resources, Marine parks, Invertebrates, Indicator species, Monitoring
Country Collection: Cook Islands

View the PDF document Third monitoring survey of the Rarotonga Ra'ui
Author(s): Saywood, A., Turua, T., Makikiriti, N.
Publisher: Ministry of Marine Resources
Place: Rarotonga (Cook Islands)
Date: 2002
ASFA Keywords: Environmental monitoring, Indicator species, Invertebrates, Biodiversity, Abundance, Marine parks, Monitoring
Country Collection: Cook Islands

View the PDF document Turtle monitoring on Funafuti, Tuvalu (4th December - 14th December 2006)
Author(s): Alefaio, S., Alefaio, T., Resture, A.
Publisher: Tuvalu Department of Fisheries and Environment of the Government of Tutvalu
Place: Tuvalu
Date: 2006
Notes: In collaboration between the Department of Fisheries and the Department of Environment of the Government of Tuvalu and the Tuvalu Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (TANGO). Administered by the Institute of Marine Resources, the Univeristy of the South Pacific, Suva
ASFA Keywords: Turtle culture, Monitoring, Tuna fisheries
Country Collection: Tuvalu

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