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View the PDF document Community-based marine protected areas in Samoa
Author(s): Mulipola, A.
Place: Apia (Samoa)
Date: 1999
Notes: A Country Report prepared for the Polynesia Sub-regional Workshop on Community-based Marine Protected Areas, 15-19 November 1999, Tahiti
ASFA Keywords: Marine parks
Country Collection: Samoa

View the PDF document Plan for surveillance and monitoring of the marine protected areas of Tonga
Author(s): Nakaya, S.
Place: Nuku'alofa (Tonga)
Date: 2002
ASFA Keywords: Marine parks, Fishery protection, Financial management
Abstract: To achieve conservation and wise use of coral reefs of Tonga, it is critical to manage MPAs effectively. Since their establishment, the MPAs in Tonga have not been appropriately managed. There has not been organized system for surveillance and monitoring, which is a core part of management of the MPAs.

View the PDF document The reintroduction of the Rarotongan Ra'ui: assessing the effects of the Ra'ui on the socio economic systems of local communities in Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Author(s): May, H.H.K.
Publisher: University of Kent
Date: 2003
ASFA Keywords: Resource conservation, Marine parks
Country Collection: Cook Islands

View the PDF document Second monitoring survey of Rarotonga Ra'ui
Author(s): Raumea, K., Turua, T., Makikiriti, N., Rongo, T., Roi, N., Ponia, B.
Publisher: Ministry of Marine Resources, Government of Cook Islands
Place: Rarotonga (Cook Islands)
Date: 2000
ASFA Keywords: Marine resources, Marine parks, Invertebrates, Indicator species, Monitoring
Country Collection: Cook Islands

View the PDF document Third monitoring survey of the Rarotonga Ra'ui
Author(s): Saywood, A., Turua, T., Makikiriti, N.
Publisher: Ministry of Marine Resources
Place: Rarotonga (Cook Islands)
Date: 2002
ASFA Keywords: Environmental monitoring, Indicator species, Invertebrates, Biodiversity, Abundance, Marine parks, Monitoring
Country Collection: Cook Islands

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