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View the PDF document Rapporteur's report: Western Samoa Fisheries
Notes: Technical Session VI
ASFA Keywords: Fishery management, Processing fishery products
Country Collection: Samoa

View the PDF document Sea cucumbers in Cook Islands
Place: [np]
Date: [nd]
Notes: Cover page missing
ASFA Keywords: Sea cucumbers, Resource management, Echinoderm fisheries, Processing fishery products, Beche-de-mer
Country Collection: Cook Islands

View the PDF document Trial processing and marketing of surf redfish (Actinopyga Mauritiana) beche-de-mer on Rarotonga, and its export potential in the Cook Islands
Author(s): Zoutendyk, D.
Publisher: Ministry of Marine Resources
Place: Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Date: 1989
Notes: 14 pp.
ASFA Keywords: Echinoderm fisheries, Processing fishery products, Marketing
Country Collection: Cook Islands
Abstract: Processing trials of surf redfish (Actinopyga mauritiana) beche-de-mer collected from the outer reef flat and slope of Rarotonga, have shown the finished dried product of marketable size (at least 50g, 10 cm, Grade 5) to be about 7% of its original wet weight and about 44% of its original length. Because of this, 14kg we weight, between 10-20 individuals weighing 700g to 1.4kg each, are needed to produce 1kg of marketable dried beche-de-mer.

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