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View the PDF document Manganese nodules in the Cook Islands
Publisher: Ministry of Marine Resources, Government of Cook Islands
Place: Rarotonga (Cook Islands)
Date: 2000
ASFA Keywords: Ferromanganese nodules, Resource exploration
Country Collection: Cook Islands

View the PDF document Territorial Sea and Exclusive Economic Zone No. 16
Place: Rarotonga (Cook Islands)
Date: 1977
Notes: An Act to make provision with respect to the territorial sea of the Cook Islands; and to establish an exclusive economic zone of the Cook Islands adjacent to the territorial sea, and in the exercise of the sovereign rights or the Cook islands to make provision for the exploration and exploitation, and conservation and management, of the resources of the zone; and for matters connected with those purposes.
ASFA Keywords: Exclusive economic zone, Legislation, Resource exploration, Resource management, Resource conservation
Country Collection: Cook Islands

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