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ASFA Keywords: Starfish, Abundance, Population control
Country Collection: Cook Islands
Abstract: This report summarises the small-scale local control measures implemented by the Ministry of Marine Resources, in response to large numbers of adult crown-of-thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci; known locally as Taramea) on the outer reef of Rarotonga, Cook Islands. A total of 15 control trips were conducted, across 4 sites, over the period 11 August to 1 December 2000. More than 8500 adult A. planci were injected with sodium bi-sulphate during the control operation. The results indicate the control measures are effective in reducing local populations of A. planci. The number of animals injected per trip declined, over time, between 50-85% from previously recorded levels of peak abundance (for sites where such comparisons were possible). The long-term success of this operation requires an ongoing commitment to local control measures at these sites. Opportunities to incorporate new objectives into the programme, including i) increased data collection, ii) the determination of local population age structure, and iii) mapping the distribution and relative abundance of A. planci in relation to sites of major terrestrial runoff, and patterns of water movement around Rarotonga, are also briefly discussed.

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