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View the PDF document The fishery for the spiny lobster, Panulirus penicillatus in Western Samoa
Author(s): King, M., Bell, L.
Publisher: Fisheries Division
Place: Apia (Samoa)
Date: 1989
ASFA Keywords: Lobster fisheries
Country Collection: Samoa
Abstract: The spiny lobster, Panulirus penicillatus, is an important component of both the commercial and artisanal fisheries of Western Samoa, with an annual commercial catch of 23.9 tonnes. Males grow to a larger maximum length than females;

View the PDF document Growth and mortality rates and state of exploitation of spiny lobsters in Tonga
Author(s): Munro, J. L.
Publisher: SPC
Place: Noumea (New Caledonia)
Date: 1988
Notes: Samples were collected from February 1984 to January 1985
ASFA Keywords: Lobster fisheries, Data acquisition, Fishery development
Abstract: Measures to reduce fishing effort need to be considered within the framework of the entire nearshore fisheries situation. It is obvious that increases in fishing effort will result in no increases, or even in decreases, in harvests.

View the PDF document How to catch, keep and market ura (rock lobsters or crayfish)
Publisher: Fisheries Division, Ministry of Natural Resources
Place: Honiara (Solomon Islands)
Date: [nd]
Notes: Pana, J. (illustrator)
ASFA Keywords: Lobster fisheries, Manuals
Country Collection: Solomon Islands

View the PDF document Lobster fishery in Tongatapu, Tonga: Management options and their economic impact to fishery (In Fisheries Research Bulletin of Tonga, Volume 4, 1995)
Author(s): Udagawa, K., Fa'anunu, U.
Publisher: Ministry of Fisheries, Tonga
Place: Nuku'alofa (Tonga)
Date: 1995
Notes: pp. 47-58
ASFA Keywords: Lobster fisheries, Legislation, Fishery management
Country Collection: Tonga
Abstract: Lobster resource in Tongatapu has been under high fishing pressure and the resource seems to have declined at the same time as the size of lobsters (P. penicillatus) has decreased. New Fisheries (Conservation and Management) Regulations, 1994 were recently enacted although the enforcement part of the regulations is not exercised yet.

View the PDF document Study of lobsters, families palinuridae and scyllaridae, in the Kingdom of Tonga (In Fisheries Research Bulletin of Tonga, Volume 6, 1996)
Author(s): Kava, V., Fa'anunu, 'U., Udagawa, K.
Publisher: Ministry of Fisheries, Tonga
Place: Nuku'alofa (Tonga)
Date: 1996
Notes: pp. 53-72
ASFA Keywords: Lobster fisheries, Fishery development, Fishery management
Country Collection: Tonga
Abstract: Three species of lobsters in Tonga, Panurilus penicillatus, P. longipes and Parribacus caledonicus were investigated between March 1993 and January 1995.

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