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View the PDF document Beru visitation- brief report
Author(s): Tetoa, B.
Publisher: Kiribati Government
Place: Tarawa (Kiribati)
Date: 2010
Notes: Report produced with the help with Taiwan Government
ASFA Keywords: Fish ponds, Milk fish, Aquaculture development
Country Collection: Kiribati

View the PDF document Growth of Macrobrachium Rosenergii juvenils feed on different feeds in Aquaria in Fiji
Author(s): Albert, J .E
Place: Suva
Date: 1984
ASFA Keywords: Prawn culture, Juveniles, Feed, Aquaculture development
Country Collection: Fiji
Abstract: Four feeds were composed as to their effectiveness in increasing the weightsof post - larval prawns in aquaria conditions. The feeds' protein levelswere 16.3, 28.7, and 46.8. Post - larval prawns were weighed in a group and were placed in 3 sections of aquaria for each treatment at 25 or 26 prawns· per section (200 PL/m2) and fed daily at approximately 12% original body weight for 28 days.

View the PDF document History of tilapia introduction into Fiji
Place: Suva (Fiji)
Notes: Report has different research topics
ASFA Keywords: Aquaculture development, Aquaculture fishery, Industry
Country Collection: Fiji

View the PDF document Milkfish culture in Kiribati
Place: Kiribati
Notes: Project funded by Government of Japan and Government of Kiribati
ASFA Keywords: Aquaculture development, Fish culture, Fish ponds, Fry
Country Collection: Kiribati
Abstract: Milkfish was introduced to aquaculture centuries back. In asian countries like Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines, milkfish iS an important cultured fish.

View the PDF document Nauru Aquaculture Development Plan 2005-2010
Author(s): Nauru Fisheries and Marine Resources Authority
Publisher: Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Date: 2005
Notes: Nauru Fisheries and Marine Resources Authority
ASFA Keywords: Aquaculture, Aquaculture regulations, Aquaculture development
Country Collection: Nauru

View the PDF document An overview of activities implemented by the research and management section in 1996/97 and proposed activities for 1997/98.pdf
Place: Apia
Date: 1997
ASFA Keywords: Aquaculture development, Aquaculture statistics, Evaluation, Fish culture
Country Collection: Samoa
Abstract: Aquaculture activities implemented during the 1996/97 period involves the establishment of three demonstration tilapia farms at Chanel College, Moamoa, Letogo and Lotofaga, Safata

View the PDF document Raising fish in ponds
Notes: It's written in English and in Fijian
ASFA Keywords: Aquaculture development, Aquaculture techniques, Fish ponds, Fishery industry
Country Collection: Fiji

View the PDF document Red hybrid tilapia culture in Fiji
Author(s): Yuan-Jui, L.; Namotu, T. M.
Place: Suva (Fiji)
Date: 1986
ASFA Keywords: Aquaculture development, Fish culture, Fish ponds, Freshwater aquaculture
Country Collection: Fiji
Abstract: Red Hybrid Tilapia is now under culture in a two year programme in Fiji to study the economical feasibility of culture this strain in the country.

View the PDF document A report of paddy culture experiment I
Author(s): Chagi, H.; Dawai, N.
Publisher: Fisheries Division - Fiji
Place: Suva (Fiji)
Date: 1992
Notes: A joint report by MPI - Fiji and JICA
ASFA Keywords: Aquaculture, Aquaculture technique, Rice fields, Aquaculture development
Country Collection: Fiji

View the PDF document Report of the Fiji Japan aquaculture research and development project
Place: Suva (Fiji)
Date: 1987
ASFA Keywords: Aquaculture development, Prawn culture, Oyster culture, Freshwater fish
Country Collection: Fiji
Abstract: Resently a technique of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus) fry production has been established at Nandruloulou Aquaculture Station. Al l of the fry produced at this station are released to control weed growth in rivers and paticularly irrigation cannals, however, size of the fry which are released at present is not large enough to get rid of weeds effectively.

View the PDF document Tilapia considered as a predator in milkfish ponds in Kiribati
Author(s): Teroroko, T.
Place: Tarawa
Date: 1982
ASFA Keywords: Fishery industry, Fish ponds, Aquaculture development, Predator prey interactions
Country Collection: Kiribati
Abstract: Tilapia was first brought into Kiribati from Fiji in the early 1960 by the Agricultural Division by which time the Fisheries is not yet started.

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